If you're looking for used cars or used trucks in the Grande Prairie area  Touchdown Auto has you covered. All our used vehicles are in immaculate condition having been maintained by us and checked to ensure they are ready to leave the lot with a satisfied customer today.

 We have a long line of happy customers who came to us when they needed a vehicle. Our comprehensive list of used vehicles ensures that each and every customer gets the car they want.

Touchdown Auto is Passionate About Used Cars in Grand Prairie

Check out our range of inventory, find a car that you would like to buy,  get in touch with us and we will arrange the finance for you.  We will arrange the best possible finance deal and will of course ensure that you are comfortable with everything. Communication with you throughout this  will guarantee you a hassle free purchase. Buying used vehicles in Grand Prairie can be difficult and we are passionate about finding the perfect one for you on the lowest possible interest rate over a period you are happy with. Whether it's a used car or used truck you are looking for our extensive collection of makes and models makes us confident we have the ideal vehicle waiting for you.

Buying a Used Car in Grand Prairie: Our Simple Steps

Browse our wide range of used cars and trucks and select one you like.  Fill out our application form with your details. One of our credit specialists will handle this for you and organize the loan arrangements to suit your circumstances. In no time you will be driving away in your brand new vehicle.
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